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I live the life of a multi-potentialite. That means I'm always learning and creating.

For more than 20 years, I've been marketing for companies of all sizes. Even when my role was "departmental," that didn't stop me from trying to learn everything I could from everyone else I was working with in each and every department. Which you can shorthand to: I get along with everyone, because I know how hard they all work, and I speak their language.

Marketing is about engaging your audience and making your product/service relevant to what THEY want and need. To be an excellent marketer, you must have a deep curiosity regarding psychology: what makes people tick. That's just one of my many interests. I write fanfiction as yet another of my hobbies, and the same ability to determine what your fictional characters would do in a situation is how marketers dive into the psyche of targets and craft content that moves them down the sales funnel.

I have an innate curiosity and background experience in marketing. I live my life with passion and integrity. These are traits that are part of my very being, and make me one of the most valuable allies and assets you will ever find.

Originally from Detroit, I got my start at Doner Advertising working on national and international brands like Helzburg Diamonds, PetSmart, and Six Flags. Next, I moved to a small agency, where my focus was on immediate results that are needed for the small, local businesses who are trying to compete against large international options. From there, I moved to Columbus, Ohio, where I expanded my experience to include non-profits, and began focusing on online advertising. I currently live in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, but I am willing to relocate and available for remote work.

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And So It Begins...

If you're looking for a marketing director, a copywriter, an graphic designer, a videographer, a video/audio editor, a content manager, a blogger, a social media director, a pumpkin artist, a seamstress, or something more, contact Kreftwerk to get started.


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