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Website Building

Whether starting from scratch, or updating an existing site, I work with you to create a site that provides a great user experience (UX) and ALSO allows you and your team to handle the updates yourself, simply and easily.

Dawn 4 Fitness

This site is a great representation of working in concert with the client. My job was to set up the basic website for her, as she'd never created one before. Then, she populated it, updating images and copy to make it her own. The simplest collaboration for great results!

Documenting The Unknown

A website to hold podcasts and share information from people who have experienced the extraordinary. Built from scratch, every piece of this website was created by me, including all the audio files.

Renée's Specialties

website snapshot.png

For, we worked with the Client – who must update the site regularly, as it has online shopping – to reorganize the home page and the navigation.

Taking an already existing site, built on an unforgiving platform, updating the structure, imagery, copy, and informational flow. Since launch, the client has taken what I built, and continued to improve upon it.

Oostburg Area Chamber of Commerce

Oostburg Old Website.jpg
Oostburg Website.jpg

Oostburg Area Chamber of Commerce's website looked just like a small governmental site: difficult to navigate and boring. It was built on WordPress, and so had the same difficulties as the Pine Haven site. I rebuilt the site on Squarespace, and handed the reins over to the chamber's Executive Director - who was able to keep the website up-to-date, accurate, and even add on their biennial festival, Oostburg AugustFest.

Sheboygan Falls Kiwanis Club

SFKiwanis Website Old.jpg
SFKiwanis Website New.jpg

The Kiwanis website was built on WordPress. Only one person in the entire club could make updates, and as that member was no longer active, the site became stagnant.

I rebuilt the website, using the new brand standards distributed by Kiwanis International, on a Wix framework. I selected Wix becauses they offer non-profit community organizations the ability to get their site fees reduced and/or waived, which made them more cost-effective than other options like Squarespace. The site is more dynamic, includes a blog page where they can highlight upcoming events, and includes their yearly "What We Did This Year" video, right on the home page.

Pine Haven Christian Communities

Old Website.jpg
New website.jpg

Pine Haven had just paid an outside vendor to build their website. The site was built on a WordPress frame that no one on staff could update easily.

I rebuilt the website, with an easy to manage navigation, bright crisp images that I took myself of life on their campuses. An easy to use contact us page led to actual inquiries about the services from prospective residents/families. The previous website had never generated any leads. I also included a page for prospective staff to apply for jobs, and a page for donors to give to this not-for-profit organization.

Integrated Health Therapies

IHT Old website.png
IHT Website.png

Integrated Health Therapies had a trifold brochure and a previous website that felt dated and wasn't getting good response. I updated the site, using a website builder that I knew the client could easily use so that she could create updates on her own. I added imagery that she liked, and tweaked the copy.


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