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Renée's Specialties

In 2022, Renée's was adding lots of new products, and began running a segment on the local radio station, where the owner got to get samples of all the goodies and tried them live.

We took video of each segment, and produced it down into a video for us to run on social media. Three samples are here, as well as another video created for the holiday season. 

These are just a few of the videos Kreftwerk created for Renée's.

Pine Haven Christian Communities

Work done for Pine Haven included TV & Radio commercials and other, longer educational videos.

The creative concept was to get the staff to speak off-the-cuff about Pine Haven, because when someone comes to live in a senior community, what they most want to feel comfortable with is how the staff interact with them - that they will be loved and feel at home. And that their new home will be a vital place for them to live the best years of their lives. 

I also created a few testimonials with actual residents in our Rehab houseshold, or families of residents in our assisted living or nursing home households. We created both :30 and :60 videos, and using the VO for the :60s for our radio buys.

Each year, I also created a video that used stills (and occasionally video) of the residents enjoying life at Pine Haven, to help encourage donations - specifically to the Resident Assistance Fund. These were played during services at our sponsoring churches, and then donations were gathered to help ensure that seniors who had run out of funding for their care, would never have to worry that Pine Haven would ever require them to move into a state-run facility.

Additionally, I created videos to explain our support groups: Pine Haven Men's Chorus, Pine Haven Women's Auxiliary, and to highlight expansion/renovation projects that were completed.

Sound quality was an ongoing issue with the interviews - which was corrected in later production with the addition of lavalier mics. We would have completely pulled the earlier spots - but the theory of all the marketing for Pine Haven was that we wanted to give the feeling that the ads were home-spun, done by a neighbor or a friend - not expensive, over-the-top professionally-spun and untrustworthy. So we simply slowly improved quality over time, to show that we were always improving, but still keeping a down-home feel.

Sheboygan Falls Kiwanis Club

Each year, the Kiwanis Club of Sheboygan Falls holds an annual meeting. At this meeting, a video is played, showcasing all the good they've done for the community. 

When I joined the club as chair of the promotions committee, I took over the production of this video. Here are two samples.


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