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Renée's Specialties

Work with Renée's started with brand standards. Then, came a basic rack card and an ad. From there, we moved into into in-store signage. And that led to package design.

From a small new business in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, selling mostly to local customers, to a business that now has presence on Amazon and, the work with Renée's continues to grow.

Brand standards.png

Pine Haven Christian Communities

For the Pine Haven Brand, I initially utilized the brand green as a bold background for headlines and images. Layout used larger fonts, so that it would be easily accessible to those who may have presbyopia. Copy focused on points of differentiation that were most meaningful. 

For imagery, I wanted to convey the feeling of home - so all photographs taken were candid shots, using existing lighting. The intent was to make it feel like the photographs could have been taken by any of the residents' family members, not a professional photographer, so that they felt genuine - and also so that ads didn't give a feeling that Pine Haven might be too expensive an option for their needs.

At the start of the branding campaign, in order to help build familiarity with their long history (having been founded in 1950!), more copy was used than I would typically prefer to use in a layout. As the campaign progressed, copy was adjusted to shorter points, directing people to the website to learn more.

Printed items initially included a series of tri-fold brochures, outdoor billboards, and black and white newspaper ads. As time went on, a quarterly newsletter that was delivered to residents, their families, supporting churches, and the community were designed. Direct mail pieces were designed to support the new campus that added 90 rooms to their capabilities, prior to opening. Outdoor signage for the new campus - and then for the remodeled first campus - were also designed by me. 

Indoor memorial designs are also highlighted here.

Tenpas Board - Rehab3.png
POSTER Spring Wellness Open House GAC201
Moxie - MCCont-Jan16.jpg
Home Pages large 4C ad-2019.jpg
Generations-2019 Continuum March.jpg
Lutheran Digest BW2019.jpg
Cricut Plaque.JPG

Sheboygan Falls Kiwanis Club

Sheboygan Falls Kiwanis Club holds events throughout the year to raise funds that benefit the community. I was responsible for creating posters for these events. I also created an overall club tri-fold and business-card-sized invitation to help encourage potential new members to attend a meeting, learn more, and join us.

The dots in the designs are taken from the brand standards guide that Kiwanis International provides to all clubs.

Yearbook ad half-page.jpg
Madrigal Dinner 2019R2.jpg
bike safety day2019.jpg
2019 Autism FunRun ad.jpg
Tri-fold - 2018-19_Page_1.jpg

While I'm no longer a member, the Club has continued to use my services as a designer to update materials each year.

Ohio Business Alliance for Education and the Economy (Ohio BAHEE)

The Ohio Business Alliance for Education and the Economy (BAHEE) had the goal of obtaining funding from the state to support STEM education. At Young Isaac, we partnered with Ohio BAHEE to showcase some of the best STEM schools in the nation in an educational pamphlet for legislators, to encourage them to vote to support the proposed bill.

I traveled with a photographer and met students and staff at these schools, interviewing them so that we could provide the true story. The creative team was fully in charge of the design, but I led the copywriting and contributed to the final layout - which we were thrilled with. 

The project was a success: the bill passed with flying colors!

Booklet page 1.jpg

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital came to Young Isaac for assistance with communications pieces to help educate people on their findings.

The first piece was based on the idea that the number of children who die in automobile accidents could be greatly reduced, if only proper child safety seat usage would be adopted by more parents. Children need to be in safety seats until they are at least 4'8" in height. But most parents stop usage based on age rather than height. 


We designed a piece filled with helpful information and included a tape measure so that parents could measure their children's height. The Institute then held events with free child safety seat giveaways. 


The next piece was based on the idea that the number of children who die in ATV accidents would be reduce if only every child wore a helmet. The Research Institute not only had the data to show how helmet use would be effective, but has also conducted research concluding that the majority of the voting population fully supported legislation to require helmet use by children.


The desire was to create a piece that would then be mailed to state legislators encouraging them to support an upcoming bill that was soon to be voted on. This piece was created, delivered, and the bill passed.

For both of these pieces of work, I was responsible for overseeing all production, working with the client, determining copy points, editing, and revisions to all copy. Click on the images to the right to see pdf versions of these pieces.

NCHRI-Booster Seat Cover.jpg
NCHRI-ATV Cover.jpg

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow - ECOT

In the late aughts, ECOT came to People To My Site to develop a marketing plan. As the Marketing Director, I developed a media program to hit various key geographical areas in Ohio to run a variety of campaigns.


We developed print ads, radio, TV, and direct mail booklets. Each geographical area received a different media mix. Each piece had different URLs and different phone numbers, so that we could track which pieces were most successful, and then adjust results.


Overall campaign resulted in a 20% increase in student registration, year over year. This is particularly significant, considering online school was in its infancy during this time.

Click on the image to see the full email piece in pdf form.

ECOT - 01 Cover.jpg

Other Pieces


Trifolds are often one of the first pieces a company will develop, as compact flyers of information to tell their basic story.

Over the years, I've created pieces for clients and the companies I've worked at. To the right are trifold pieces I created for People To My Site, OpenOnline, and Vero3 Consulting. Our creative directors and art directors designed the layout, based on copy I had written for each of these.

To see the full pdf, click on the images.


YIPTMS Trifold Cover.jpg
OpenOnline Trifold Outside.jpg


This piece was created for an architectural firm. Our creative director designed them a new logo, and this ad launched that logo - by incorporating the design into the ad layout as the key image.

I served as client contact, project manager and copywriter for this ad.



DW Ad.jpg


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