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As a multipotentialite, one of my hobbies is carving pumpkins. The appeal is their ephemeral nature - making something of beauty that is here for a short time and then gone.

Each year, I carve one or two pumpkins for display at my house. I've also carved as gifts for local businesses with their logos. (I buy the special ones that are permanent for those, so that they can display them year after year.)

One great thing that pumpkins teach us that applies to marketing: it's all about perspective & "lighting". You want to focus your marketing to play to the perspective about the customer. How they see you is the entire goal. Your marketing is the lighting that shines the light on what you want them to know and notice about you. Shifting the lighting can make all the difference.

Bride of Frankenstein pumpkins front and back lit
Scarecrow Pumpkin.jpg
Beholder Pumpkin.jpg
David Lo Pan - front lit Pumpkin.jpg
David Lo Pan Pumpkin.jpg
Ood Pumpkin.jpg
Dalek pumpkin.jpg
Weeping Angel Pumpkin.jpg
The Silence Pumpkin.jpg
Wicked Witch - front lit Pumpkin.jpg
Wicked Witch Pumpkin.jpg
Ryuk Pumpkin.jpg
Ryuk-front lit Pumpkin.jpg
Silent Hill Pumpkin.jpg
Frankenstein Pumpkin.jpg
Light Yagami Pumpkin.jpg
JIm's Grille.jpg
Lovecraft Pumpkin.jpg
Cedarburg Toy Company pumpkin.jpg
Dragon Pumpkin.jpg
Phoenix pumpkin.jpg
Gargoyle Pumpkin.jpg
Stone bat - front lit Pumpkin.jpg
Stone bat Pumpkin.jpg
Alucard Pumpkin.jpg


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