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Logo Design:

Logo design isn't just about the end product - although you definitely need the end result to be a shorthand representation of your brand. 

It's about the strategy and the rationale that led to the design, and the end result. It's also about ensuring it can be reproduced cleanly in all potential uses.

Below are some of the logos I've revised or created.

vector renees-icon only-01_edited.png

Simplified for additional uses.

Renée's Specialties

The existing logo used transparencies and blending that made it impossible to capture in embroideries and silk-screening. We simplified it to work for these new needs, and created versions for all the new product lines.

Dawn 4 FITness

Starting a brand new company, Dawn 4 Fitness needed a logo from scratch. 

Dawn provided many classes in water aerobics. So, sunbreak over water fit the bill. We created several versions for use.

OoACoC logo pre me.png

Busy and outdated


Clean and Modern

Oostburg Area Chamber of Commerce

From busy and cluttered to clean and modern while keeping the red, white, and blue patriotic feel and the feel that the city has a connection to Lake Michigan. The tagline was also updated to better reflect their mission.

JTShelton Locksmith Logos.jpg

JT Shelton Locksmith

John wanted the logo for his "retirement" company to clearly announce that his mission is not just to be a trusted locksmith, but to witness about Christ, while he works.

Pine Haven Christian Communities

pre 2014 logo.png
phcc logo high res-plus tagline.jpg

Pine Haven Christian Communities' logo, had great symbolism, but previous attempts to add depth made it harder to see the cross, which was the most important element. Coloring was also a bit dull. And most importantly, the logo with the tagline didn't explain what the organization did. I cleaned up the look and during my six years as director of marketing, went through two different taglines to drive home the message of their mission.


With a new way of handling industrial debris, Blue Sea Solution needed all the branding materials to start off their business. 

Because their methodology included cleaning the debris and then using it to create reefs in the great lakes to improve the ecosystem, it was important to include visuals that hinted toward what their solution provides.

Blue Sea Solution

Documenting The Unknown LOGO-full-horizontal stacked-01.png

Documenting The Unknown

When your husband wants to create a podcast about encounters people have with the unknown, what do you do? You build him a logo, website, and edit all the episodes he records with people.


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