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Hiring a Rock Star vs a Solid Rock

"Seeking Rock Star Marketer!" is a title I've seen on a plethora of job posts.

To be frank, this annoys me. Let's break down what you THINK you're looking for and determine if that's what you actually want. What exactly is a "Rock Star"?

A Rock Star is:

  • Very visible, very vocal. They're front and center. They want the attention on themselves. They thrive in the spotlight.

  • Everyone knows who they are - they're a celebrity. They have some talent, or they wouldn't capture attention.

  • They play hard. When they're doing what they love, they're all in.

  • Their results are noticeable. They make sure you see them at their best.

These seem like pretty great traits to have in someone on your team. But each of these traits has a dark side.

  • They need to be the center of attention. What happens when the focus needs to be on the problem at hand rather than on them and their achievements? Is a glory hound really someone who will positively affect your bottom line? If they ever leave your company, will they take all the attention with them?

  • What exactly is their talent? Is it in achieving the tasks you need them to, or is it just a talent for causing spectacle? Is their talent actually delivering on your KPIs?

  • They're all in when they love what they're doing, but what about when they need to do tasks that are needed but might be boring? Do they apply the same work ethic to everything, or only to the tasks they prefer?

  • They want everyone to see them at their best, but what do they do when they have an off day or moment. (We all have them?) Will they take responsibility and strive to improve? How do they treat the rest of the team? Do they treat others as equals? Are they willing to steal other people's thunder so that they can continue to be seen as the star?

The hiring process is difficult. You want to attract those who will fit in and build your business so that everyone succeeds. You want the best you can get. But Rock Stars might not be the way.

Rather, consider seeking out Solid Rocks:

  • They don't really care about seeking attention. They're perfectly happy working behind the scenes to make things work smoothly.

  • They actively work to achieve your goals. They're not focused on how great they are, but on what you're achieving together. They might not even realize what their talents include because they're too busy getting the job done.

  • They take pride in working diligently and getting the job done. They're willing to take on any task if it moves things forward. Their love is in the results, not the tasks. They don't shine a spotlight on what they've done specifically because they know it's not just them working on things. They know each member of the "band" is needed to reach the goals. They assume everyone else on the team is their equal and treat them as such. They strive to support everyone. When they make a mistake, they own it and learn from it.

So who do you really want on your team? A Rock Star or a Solid Rock?

Note: I actually was a rock star. At least that's what they tell me. I did spend 9 years in a band that put out 7 albums internationally as the lead singer. We toured the US, Mexico, and England twice. Proof: here's a video of part of a His Name Is Alive show. But I consider myself a Solid Rock, not a Rock Star. Rock Stars tend to be jerks.

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